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Liveswif tutorial basic Liveswif tutorial basic

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad, though it could use some work.

This is a fairly useful tutorial for new users if they are having trouble getting started (I especially liked how the "tools" part of the tutorial had different parts of the Liveswif program as buttons), but it could use a little more information on how to use the tools, etc.

The graphics are decent, although the "tools" part of the tutorial looks a little crowded.

You definitely need to fix the sound, though, and like other reviews have said, the Liveswif link doesn't work.

Considering that this was made in Liveswif, which is not as feature-filled as Adobe Flash, this is alright, though like I said, it needs some more work.

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elbarto66 responds:

thanks for the awsome review
ya it does need work I don't know what up with the sound
I think I need to change the sound file or something
ya the link that does not work work on my liveswif perview
but on ng it does not work I don't know what wrong with it
I am happy that everyone like the tut I'll make sure to make a number two
drawing and anmation!
the link is
if by some reason I can't get it on the flash
thanks to everyone that review

Flash Kurushi Flash Kurushi

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Almost like the console game!

For someone who has never played Kurushi, I'd say you remade the game fairly accurately, except in the actual game, normal and active blocks don't reappear at the top after going off the bottom. Although I only played the demo. :P

To improve the game, I'd recommend adding some sound effects (i.e. different sound effects for when the player removes different kinds of blocks or when a row gets removed.) You could also make the blocks slightly larger or even add a feature so that a bonus row appears for getting a perfect score on a level.

RadioactiveBaby responds:

Yea, the rules are a little different but it makes it a little easier doesnt it? :P

As for the sound effects, I'm pretty crap at putting them in lol, its something I need to improve on. Thanks for your comment.

DodgeTheTurrets DodgeTheTurrets

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fun time waster...

Nice work on the game, especially with the moving turrets.

You could improve this game by adding a background, some music (with a stop button, of course) and even a pause feature.

Zeld's Mouse Maze Zeld's Mouse Maze

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Sorry, but this needs a LOT of work.

Your idea is fairly decent, but the graphics need improving.
Try adding a background and practicing with Flash's drawing tools. Make the objects more interesting; the walls are plain and could use some more detail.

This also needs music and sound effects. Maybe you could have a sound effect for when the player hits a wall.

Fruit Pursuit Fruit Pursuit

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun game!

This game is very good, the graphics and animation seem polished, although the title screen looks a little bit messy to me. The music is very good and suits the game well.

The only complaint I have against this game is that there needs to be more levels, possibly with a time limit e.g. "get X points before the timer runs out!"